Saturday, 29 Jan 2022

Outdoor safety

Home safety: around water, driveways and roads

Keep pools fenced and locked.

Use swimming pool fences that meet Australian standards. Securely cover birdbaths and ponds with wire mesh, or leave them empty until kids are five.

Watch your child around water.

For safe fun with water, always watch your child – even if he can swim.

Hold their hand near cars.

For pedestrian safety, always supervise kids and hold hands near cars, roads and driveways. Reverse down driveways only when you know where kids are.

Park and garden safety

Stay safe in the play park.

For playground safety, always supervise your child as she plays. Or better still, play with her!

Provide sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Sun safety means sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), a hat and sunglasses, 10 am-3 pm, September to the end of April.

Be aware of poisonous plants.

Fence off dangerous plants, or remove them until your child knows not to eat them (usually around three years).

Home safety around sheds, garages and tools

Lock up your shed, garage and storage areas.

Lock your shed, garage and storage boxes. Also lock away hand tools. Keep lawnmowers, chainsaws and power tools out of reach.

When using tools, make sure your child is out of the way. Unplug tools when not in use. Keep household poisons out of reach, out of sight and locked away, at least 1.5 metres up.

Keep emergency numbers near the phone.

Keep emergency numbers near the phone. Read more about making your home safe for your child.


Source: Raising Children Network

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